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Architect and designer Matthew Strong created this homage to the Eameses with a sculptural carbon fiber Eames sofa.


"The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you." - Bette Midler

The envious folks in my past I’ve found to be salt fish specialists.
It’s rare that I turn around cuz no matter if it’s Capcom, NIKE, Armani, Black Enterprise, Spike TV or better yet. Me opening doors for other musicians to get on… Many have faces that are similar to this photo.
Why is that? You know that it’s “OK” to smile… Often right?
I’m tired of seeing the opposite. Smile w/ ur peers when they are doing well. Life is default rough. So many reasons not to smile. So why not smile when good is happening?? People are like why do I smile so much?? It’s cuz I almost lost my life twice in the worst of ways. And life threw me so much shit it’s like chocolate to me now. I’m not dead yet and I love chocolate. I’m healthy. I got every reason to smile. I was never so caught up in wanting what someone else had achieved. If I’m winning & on a universal scale we are from the same root & ur hating on me, What does that say about how u feel about urself? Be bigger then some trolling a$$ neko chan & show some understanding. Be bigger then the envy that’s eroding the love that is in you. I’m Wishing all the folks that got love for me the absolute best! I appreciate y’all. If u secretly don’t like me don’t say great things at my funeral. If u show up say exactly what u felt cuz trust me I know a smirk fake. I need those for the practice. オレの必殺技を拝ませてやるよ. I will stay the course & keep beasting for my goals & breaking thru as an indie musician.
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Wise words.