Photographer : Daniel Esteban

Stylist : Jennifer Wade

Model : Rose Hane

Makeup : Anais Martinez Cote 

Jenn Wade is killing styling in MTL from head to toe. Wow wow.


hi when i type “chinese women” in the search bar i’d like to see chinese women solidarity and not racial fetishization in porn.

do people not understand this or are people deliberately choosing continue hurting woc:

racial fetishization is an act of violence. it forcefully subjugates woc and objectifies their bodies as sex objects. 


Suspended, Chloe Early


Nancy Sinatra and Mia Farrow


Nancy Sinatra and Mia Farrow

¡Flist! has become totally instrumental to my artistic development as Hua Li. As Art Not Love Records founder and producer to my future sounds, the man behind ¡Flist!, Charlie Twitch has become such serious art fam to me that I don’t know how to even conceptualize art without him. Check out this teaser to his crazy beautiful full-length coming out November 11!


Someone looked at the art chairs by Lafontaine and thought: You know what would make these better? My entire collection of books by that lady who single-handedly founded the entire neanderthal-erotica genre. And they were totally right.